4 Low-Cost Things To Do In Retirement To Make Money

Retired middle-age man feeling confident in retirement

Sitting back and relaxing during retirement may be exciting for the first few months. But after a while, you might start getting restless doing nothing. Or perhaps you discover you don't have enough savings to maintain the lifestyle you want. If that's you, we have a solution for you to help you make money.

Just because you're retired doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave your work completely. Whether you want to make money to supplement your income or work to enhance your life emotionally, physically, and socially, there is something for every retiree.

As a senior, you can offer deeper perspectives, skills, contacts, and emotional intelligence than most people out there. You just need to emphasize these aspects when starting or looking for a side hustle in retirement.

But if you don't know where to start, here are four low-cost things to do in retirement that you might get paid for.

Take Care Of Animals

If you love animals, you can make some extra money by offering pet care services. Many people are looking for someone to walk their dog, groom or just pet sit when they're away on vacation or work.

Some of these activities require some level of strength and stamina. So make sure you're physically fit. Other duties that come with taking care of animals include feeding, cleaning, giving medicine, watering, and bathing.

Most people hiring look for individuals with experience, a positive track record, reliable references, and other related experiences. Therefore, use your previous experiences to your advantage when marketing yourself. Post flyers on animal hospitals or stores where people with pets are more likely to visit.

Rent Out Your Spaces To Other Seniors

Most retirees travel a lot. They visit their children, friends, and tour the world. If you live in big cities, you can make money renting out your house and even extra rooms for these seniors. You can use popular sites such as Airbnb. But that's not all.

You can also rent out your driveway. Parking costs have skyrocketed in major cities and retirees are looking for cheaper alternatives to stretch their savings. Platforms such as JustPark, Panda Parking, Rover Parking, and more are a great place to market your driveway.

And finally, if you have extra storage spaces, offer storage services to seniors. Although the amount you can make depends on where you live and the need for storage services, you can make some money at the comfort of your home.


Many people are looking for professional gardeners to help them maintain or landscape their trees, bushes, lawns, and vegetable gardens. And if you're an avid gardener, this might be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and keep fit.

Keep in mind that gardening is a physical job and might be seasonal. So make the most while you can. The best places to ask for such gigs are at botanical gardens, community garden programs, and working with private gardens.

The good news is that if you already have a green thumb and you enjoy working with plants, you can easily get a perfect post-retirement gig. To look at your prospects online, search for gardening jobs at commonly used platforms such as Care, and Indeed.

Become An Independent Consultant

As mentioned before, by the time you retire, you have unmatched experience, expertise, and contact. So, why not capitalize on these valuable resources through consultancy?

You first need to determine your area of expertise. If you have experience in multiple areas, it may be wise to focus on areas rich with consultant work. Some common areas include project management, market research, business development, talent outsourcing, and marketing strategy.

Before casting your net wide, you may want to start with your current contacts. Ask them whether they could use your expertise in their projects. Chances are they will need your guiding hand and if not, they know someone who may.

Retirement is a great time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. But it's also the right time to try something you have been longing to do but didn't have time. And if you enjoy any of the activities above, try them out. You might make some money and continue doing something you love. Good luck!